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Why QArterback?

It drastically reduces times for creating test cases

It speeds up test cycles, with a direct influence on the cost of QA processes

It prevents errors in test execution

It automatically documents both test cases and their results

It partially automates test execution

It verifies not only the application flow, but also the manufacturers' XFS services

Independent from the manufacturer and the application

QArterback at a glance

Atmirage overview

• It automatically generates test cases
• It checks XFS service commands and events
• It takes screenshots of each user action
• It automatically verifies the tests shown to the user
• Valid for all CEN/XFS-based applications
• It does not require changes in the application
• It is offered as SaaS, both in Cloud and On Premise
• Connection with external tools, like Micro Focus ALM, Jira, ATC, etc.


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Generating a test in 6 steps with QArterback


Enter the test description


If necessary, indicate initial requisites (for example, leave the printer without paper)


You can also specify manual verifications once the operation is finished (such as checking that the host has received specific data)


Activate the Record mode and conduct a transaction on the ATM


Once executed, you may modify parameters, texts, times, etc.


Save the test, and you can execute it as many times as you want

See our FAQ’s or get in touch with us.


Test execution

Atmirage automated test
  • Select the test you wish to run or let an ALM tool select the test automatically
  • QArterback tells you the next action at all times (insert a certain card, type information on the PinPad, remove the receipt, etc.)
  • QArterback presses the screen for you, thereby avoiding errors in execution
  • The behavior of XFS services is checked automatically
  • The data shown on the screen is verified as the information arrives from the ATM
  • QArterback makes an immediate diagnosis of the test result
  • You may modify the result manually and insert the comments you deem appropriate
  • When you finish, the test is documented with screenshots, commands, and XFS events and manual comments
  • The results can be exported to whichever test management tool you work with


Does QArterback automate test execution?

It does so partially. When running tests with a physical ATM, the user must conduct most of the actions (insert card, remove bills, type PIN, etc.). QArterback automates pressing on the screen, and also guides the user with the rest of the actions to be carried out.

Which changes need to be made to the application to be able to use QArterback?

None. You install QArterback on the ATM where you want to run the tests, but no changes or required; not for the application nor for XFS services.

Are there any minimum requirements to be able to use QArterback?

Regarding device control, it is preferable (although not mandatory) that the application use XFS 3.0 or higher (if it does not, QArterback will keep working, but you will lose the advantage of being able to verify that manufacturer services are operating correctly). 

How can QArterback tell me which PIN to enter if I do the same test with different cards?

You may define variables in QArterback's cards repository, and one of them can be the PIN. This way, when you run a test and indicate which card to use, QArterback will show the user the PIN they must enter.

Our application uses a device that is not supported by CEN/XFS and uses manufacturer DLLs. Can we use QArterback?

Yes, but devices that do not use XFS QArterback will not be able to automatically verify their proper operation.

Our application is NDC+ or Diebold 91x compatible. Can we use QArterback?

Yes, provided it meets the aforementioned requirements.

Is QArterback Plug&Play, meaning it does not need any kind of adaptation?

That's it. You just install the software on the ATM, and you are ready.

Is a programmer necessary to create and/or run tests?

Not at all. To generate a test, you need only conduct the desired transaction in Recording mode. The sequence (including card selection, pressing keys, touching the screen, withdrawing money or receipts, etc.) is saved in the database and may be executed again later in a guided and semi-automatic fashion.

Do I need to record a transaction for each card or amount to be dispensed?

No. Once the transaction has been recorded, you can tell QArterback to execute this same transaction with different cards, amounts, languages, etc. In other words, one same recording can translate to hundreds of functional tests.

Which differences are there between QArterback and Atmirage?

On one hand, Atmirage executes the application without a physical ATM. On the other, it 100% automates test execution, with no need for a human in front of the ATM. QArterback needs a physical ATM and a human to conduct tests. These are complementary tools: with Atmirage, you test the application automatically and at functional level, while with QArterback, you verify that the application runs properly on all the institution's physical models, and also check each manufacturer's XFS services.

Can I run the tests with the corporate tool we have for ALM?

Yes. QArterback can adapt to any third-party tool that provides API to this end.


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